The main products include polyurethane foam weather strips for various doors and windows!

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Drop-shaped sealing strip

Qinghe County Pangu Seal Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known Chinese brand, China's well-known trademark, international ISO9001 quality management system certification enterprises, 315 national credit certification enterprises. Products are widely used in doors and windows, wooden doors, home wardrobe, sliding doors, all kinds of fire doors and windows.

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The coated sealing strip is a product composed of four materials with excellent texture. The outer layer of the coated sealing strip is wrapped with PE film, which provides the most basic quality guarantee for the coated sealing strip and is beautiful and elegant. It is an excellent companion for modern home doors and windows. Thermosetting core, the main component of PU, that is, the main material of the coated sealing strip, has super plasticity, the internal PP skeleton, the TPU fishbone barb design with perfect combination of plastic and rubber, and the classified application of double-sided adhesive tape imported from Germany further improve the coated sealing strip.


The coated sealing strip is divided into self-adhesive type and slot type, which are used in different doors and windows, and are more convenient and feasible in operation and installation.


The coated sealing strip has achieved excellent results beyond all traditional products in aging resistance, fatigue resistance, compression deformation test, compression force test, heat conduction K value test, water intrusion, water permeability and other tests. At the same time, the coated sealing strip is energy-saving and environment-friendly, sound-proof and noise-reducing, resistant to strong ultraviolet rays, non-toxic, does not react with any paint or detergent, and meets the requirements for green and healthy themes.

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