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Sponge door seal factory talks about door and window seals in detail

Sponge door seal factory rubber strip is an elastic strip or rod-like material installed at the connection of glass and strip, glass and frame fan, frame fan, fan and fan, used to prevent water leakage, dust and air leakage, reduce vibration and shock that may affect doors and windows The damage caused by it, so as to achieve the purpose of sealing, sound insulation, heat insulation and shock absorption.

How do choose the right customized spong door seal from China for you

Finally, when purchasing a customized spong door seal, you need to consider factors such as the size, material, and use environment of the door and window to choose the appropriate model and material.

What are the characteristics of the Cheap spong door seal from China

Strong durability: The Cheap spong door seal from China is made of high-quality materials, which have good durability and anti-aging performance, and can maintain good sealing performance for a long time.

What are the benefits of the customized spong door seal for home users

Installing customized spong door seals can not only improve the sealing performance of doors and windows, but also save energy, reduce energy consumption, improve the indoor environment, and improve living comfort.

Sponge door seal factory talks about flame retardant seal knowledge

Sponge door seal factory found that flame retardant seals are suitable for a variety of high oil resistance, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, corrosive sealing, sealing, tube film shirts and aerospace fields. Product features of flame retardant sealing strip: it has the characteristics of delaying the flame, reducing the speed of flame propagation, and extinguishing it from the fire.

The sponge door seal factory interprets the types of seals

Regardless of the material used, the seal must have sufficient tensile strength, elasticity and hardness, and its physical properties must meet the various indicators of the GB12002-89 standard or the JG/T187-2006 standard. When purchasing, check the inspection report and product certificate of the manufacturer, and sign a quality assurance agreement with the manufacturer.

The sponge door seal factory shares the precautions for the installation of door and window seals

1. The sponge door seal factory shares glass gaskets and sealing rubber strips.After the window frame and window sash are welded and cleaned, use a special roller to push the rubber strip into the profile slot with a small force according to the correct surface and direction, and press the head of the rubber strip down until it is embedded in the profile slot.

The sponge door seal factory shares where the car seal is used

The sponge door seal factory feels that the sealing conditions of the car can be used to make up for the gaps between the various parts of the body, which can play a very good shockproof, moistureproof and antifouling effect. There are also various types depending on where the car is installed. Sponge door seal factory to discuss where car seals can be used.
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