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EPDM fubber seal strips

What are the advantages of the customized EPDM fubber seal strips for houses

To sum up, the customized EPDM fubber seal strips for houses have the advantages of good weather resistance, strong elasticity and recovery performance, and high chemical resistance, and is very suitable as a door and window sealing material.

How to distinguish between good and bad EPDM fubber seal strips

Look at the color, i.e. double check the color of the rubber body. Many counterfeit goods use low-end, low-quality rubber, so the color of the spheres produced is often especially dull to prevent an experienced person from seeing it at a glance. Most of them polish it with black shoe polish before leaving the factory to make it look black and shiny. However, the rubber joints produced from genuine EPDM rubber seals are pure in color and slightly heavier in color. Not particularly bright or dark.

Characteristics of EPDM fubber seal strips

Excellent weather resistance of EPDM fubber seal strips: Weather resistance means that it can withstand severe cold, heat, dryness and humidity for a long time, has excellent corrosion resistance to rain, snow and water, and can completely extend the service life of the rubber strip.

What is EPDM fubber seal strips

EPDM fubber seal strips, namely EPDM rubber, the strip is formed by microwave vulcanization once, the surface is smooth and beautiful, good elasticity, resistance to compression deformation, weathering resistance, ozone resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, EPDM Fire resistance of rubber sealing strip and wide operating temperature range (-50℃~150℃).

Performance and Improvement of EPDM fubber seal strips

The density of EPDM fubber seal strips is a lower rubber, its density is 0.87, and it can be filled with oil and filler. Therefore, the cost of rubber products can be reduced, making up for the disadvantage of high price of ethylene-propylene rubber raw rubber.

Do you really understand the EPDM fubber seal strips

EPDM fubber seal strips is basically a saturated polymer. It has very good aging resistance, good weather resistance, excellent electrical insulation performance, good chemical corrosion resistance and good impact elasticity.
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