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Why do many people choose to buy the good price and quality weather strip kerfed directly from the manufacturer

Most people do wholesale, basically through the manufacturers of good price and quality weather strip kerfed, so that there are no middlemen, so the price is more cost-effective, and the quality can also be guaranteed.

Scope of application and installation method of foam weatherstrip products

The foam sealing strip is made of high-quality EPDM rubber with foaming process. 2. The back adopts imported double-sided tape, and the interlayer is mesh glass fiber.

What are the characteristics of foam weatherstrip products?

The foam weatherstrip products market is mainly composed of EPDM rubber, rubber, plastic and other materials, which can be divided into automobile sealing strips, mechanical sealing strips, door and window sealing strips and other categories according to the application.

Polyurethane foam weatherstrip products technology gives play to its advantages

With the rapid development of industrial automation, the on-site polyurethane foam weatherstrip products technology has played an increasingly important role in the production of the automotive industry and its supporting manufacturers, and has gradually replaced the forming seals (ie stamping parts or strip rubber Seals).

Compare recommended foam weatherstrip products

foam weatherstrip products Silicone sealing strip, silicone has excellent high and low temperature resistance, ozone resistance and weather resistance, excellent hydrophobicity and proper air permeability, and has unparalleled insulating properties. It can meet the hygienic level of food hygiene requirements and can meet the requirements of various colors.

What kind of foam weatherstrip products is good?

What kind of foam weatherstrip products is good? For this question, in the market, there are many kinds of sealing strip materials. So what material is the best foam weatherstrip products to choose? The following foam weatherstrip products manufacturers conduct a comprehensive comparative analysis of several common sealing strips.

How to test the quality of foam weatherstrip products?

foam weatherstrip products Sealing strips are used on automotive glass, home windows, etc. to prevent ventilation and glass wear. The quality of the sealing strip can be judged by the taste, appearance and weight of the sealing strip, as well as the size and arrangement of the bubbles inside the rubber strip. Whether it is a manufacturer of foam weatherstrip products or an end customer who applies adhesive strips, they are faced with a problem, that is, how to carry out effective quality inspection.

The importance and purchase of foam weatherstrip products

foam weatherstrip products, like fire retardant coatings, adding foam sealing strips will play a crucial role in the performance of the entire seam sealing system. When the foam weatherstrip product is embedded in the correct depth of caulk, it ensures that the sealant is applied "in place", the sealant used will level the seam with the edge of the caulk due to the back support of the weatherstrip, thereby also making the seam Maximum exposure to fire retardant coatings.
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